Karen's Registry Ripper

Karen's Registry Ripper 1.2

Easily extract registry entries and export them using Karen's Registry Ripper

Karen's Registry Ripper is a light-weight and useful utility which enables the users to copy any of the entries from the Windows registry and save those into a separate registry file (with an extension .REG). The saving of registry entries in this .REG extension is done so that it can be easily exported into any other registry. The .REG extension also facilitates moving of registry entries from one system to another. It can also be used for creating selective backup entries of user’s registry data. The software is very safe to use because it does not allow the registry entries to be removed unless and until they are saved or copied into another file. This task is accomplished by selecting the "Delete after saving" option. Karen's Registry Ripper software also incorporates a very useful feature of having the ability for replacing some portions from a Registry key before saving it to the .REG file. Another feature worth noticing is that it can also search from within the results of a previous search.

Neeraj Joshi
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